PS2 tops incredible 150 million units

Landmark number reached in just under 11 years on sale

The PlayStation 2 has topped 150 million units shipped worldwide, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced.

The landmark number was reached on January 21 - 10 years and 11 months after the console was first released in Japan.


Sales of PlayStation 2 software as of December 2010 stood at 1,527,000,000 units spread across 10,828 releases, the platform holder said.

Sony added via a statement that it expects demand to continue for the system in regions such as East Europe, South East Asia the Middle East, and South America. Will it reach 200 million? Impressive stuff.

The news arrives on the same week SCEE plans to celebrate shifting four million PlayStation 3s in the UK.

Sony's former head of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison said last year he feels Sony faces a "difficult challenge" to match PS2's record-breaking sales with PS3 - as it suffers from the death of the golden age for third-party exclusives.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]