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Bulletstorm: 'Fun doesn't mean shallow'

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and PCF's Adrian Chmielarz discuss 2011's most controversial FPS...

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We wanted 100% of that processor for physics. You're kicking things around and there are explosions everywhere, so it was a case of what was more important to us: having great visuals and doing all that or 3D. That wasn't really a choice at this point, because 3D is really a novelty, only a couple of people can afford it. So that's really the only reason, nothing really against 3D as such.

Cevat Yerli from Crytek basically said with advancements like this that the PC is ahead of the console and is, to an extent, being held back by consoles, what are your thoughts?

AC: It's a question of convenience, really. Imagine this: you're going to a friend's for dinner, but you have to wait in the car for your wife. She's late getting ready. You have two options, you can get out of the car and use the buzzer for free to call her, or you can use your phone, pay for it and call her from the car. To me it's sort of like that with the PC versus console gaming right now.


Is the PC version the best looking version of Bulletstorm? Yes. Obviously. You can do all kinds of crazy shit if you have a ninja PC. But is it from my personal perspective more convenient to play on the console? Yes. I just put the disc in and it plays.

CB: Download drivers, do your updates...

AC: Exactly. It's whatever you value more.

CB: I always felt that the PC's biggest strength is it's biggest weakness. It advances faster and you can configure it but that also makes it a bit of a pain in certain instances.

You have some big voice actors such as Jennifer Hale as Trishka, who's best known for being Naomi in Metal Gear Solid. How did the script go down with the actors? We're pretty sure Naomi Hunter has never told Solid Snake she'd "kill his d**k"...

CB: [Laughs] Actors are mercenaries, man...

AC: They're professionals, they could have said "no", but I think they saw that the story has a lot of heart. It's not saying "d**k tits" for the sake of saying it. It's the characters, they're in character.

I was a part of the sessions so I know that they just had a lot of fun with it. For example, Steve Blum tried a number of space pirate voices for his character, but we settled on his own voice. So it's Steve Blum doing Steve Blum and he had great fun with that. I hope they enjoyed it.

CB: That's what we found with Dom, it's Carlos Ferro just doing Carlos Ferro...

What do you guys make of Sony's new handheld?

CB: I think it's pretty tight. It's very powerful, I love Apple devices but it's nice to have buttons once in a while.

Do you think it can cater to multiple markets as it seems to be doing - with buttons and touch screen tech?

CB: Who knows man. We had a great tech demo on it which was very well received. It's very powerful, we haven't announced if we're doing anything on it deliberately in regards to a game on it. It's one of those things where it will either work together as the hybrid of everything or it won't.


We go back to the cooking metaphor of all these flavours working together or just crumbling. Who knows, the market is really fractured right now between tablets, PCs, 3D devices, motion control, it's all over the board and I'm dying to see where it all shakes out to.

AC: You never really know, I found it surprising that, because I'm so resistant to all of the kind of "processor power is this, resolution is this" talk, I didn't care about that part. But I have to say I did care about the part where I saw two thumbsticks.

CB: Yeah. That makes an entire genre doable on a handheld. I love iOS, but the twin stick shooters on touch screens do not work. I bought the little stick-on analogue sticks and they kind of work, but it still isn't quite the same.

So do you think the NGP is better equipped for first-person shooters?

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