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Bulletstorm: 'Fun doesn't mean shallow'

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski and PCF's Adrian Chmielarz discuss 2011's most controversial FPS...

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CB: They have a better shot than they would have on a touch screen device by having those mini-dual analogue sticks. I haven't played Killzone or Resistance on PSP or anything like that, but I think the potential is there. It's up to developers to make it shine by making the appropriate trade-offs with controls.

AC: I'd have to hold it for 10 or 15 seconds to get a feel for it feels right or not.

CB: Grab it and run off...

Adrian: You'd know if it felt right, pretty quickly.

Where do you see Bulletstorm a couple of years from now? Do you think you'll be working on more in the series or is it a one shot deal?

Adrian: On the shelves [laughs].

CB: It will not be in the used bin, and it will be overflowing, new, in every store.


AC: The voting will happen in a few weeks' time, people will tell us whether they want to hear more stories about Grayson Hunt or not. Right now is the nerve-wracking period where you hold you breath and see what happens.

CB: The dark side of the moon.

Do you have any DLC or post-release support planned?

AC: We haven't announced anything yet but let's just say we're treating the game very seriously.

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