X-Men: Destiny - An RPG worthy of the X-Men name?

Too Human takes a break from humans, for mutants...

Hardly a dream team, this. Troubled developer Silicon Knights, who limped into the current generation with the over-hyped and under delivered Too Human, takes on a series that hasn't always delivered the might of Marvel's costumed creations.

Despite the obvious negatives, though, we're secretly willing Destiny to succeed, because our inner nerd has been gagging for a decent X-Men game since 2009's Wolverine.

Destiny is set in San Francisco during one of the most critical moments of the humans/mutants conflict.

In this game Professor X is dead, and the city is divided into human and mutant areas, a backdrop perfectly in keeping with the game's darker, more mature feel.


It all kicks off at a peace rally, staged in memory of Professor X, and it's here that you get to choose your character who will become an entirely new mutant.

You select from a variety of base abilities, like the power to manipulate energy, or to change shape. There will be three choices in total, and your character development will branch off from there.

Your currency comes in the form of X-Genes, which can be used to boost yourself or as gifts to other X-Men to form alliances. You'll have the chance to choose which characters become friends or foe, which is a nice touch if a little blunt for a series that has always been about moral grey-areas.

Speaking of which, every significant decision you make in the game will be not-so-subtly signposted as the action freezes and you're forced to go one way or the other, drastically altering the path of the story. It's as subtle as a brick to the face, but it's stylishly done.

The rest of the game is action, and you bring your chosen skills into the third-person fight. Chaining regular attacks will fill your Mutant Power meter with juice, allowing you to unleash ever more devastating abilities on your enemies - again depending on the core skills you choose to select from the start.

While Destiny already seems unlikely to claw back much of X-Men's lost popularity, it's wealth of licensed characters (Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Gambit and many others) are already confirmed.

And the storyline fits snugly into those explored in the comics should ensure decent fan service with just enough super-hero fare to tide us over until Batman: Arkham City finally arrives.

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