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De Blob 2: More substance than the first game?

He's a total blobsworth...

Michael Jackson sang, "It don't matter if you're black or white" more years ago than we like to admit.


Now, we don't think the topic of race is appropriate for this particular preview, but colour is quite a high priority for our paint filled pal Blob.

In De Blob 2, the splat-shaped hero has been tasked with restoring colour to Prisma City that has been stolen by the Papa Blanc and the nefarious INKT corporation.

It's a more difficult task than you might think; our hands-on time showed an open-world mission structure and strict time limits to get things done.

Mixing the right colours together and painting pieces of scenery appropriately may be familiar to the gameplay in the original game, but now Blob has an arsenal of new skills; a charge attack and power-ups that include a shield, vortex and the ability to regenerate.

Plus, when Blob enters a building to reclaim ownership of it, the gameplay switches to neat 2D platforming.

If you don't like the idea of playing on your own, this sequel will also cater for two-player co-op (with Blob's robot side-kick Pinky) and competitive multiplayer too.

Like before, De Blob 2 stands out thanks to high production values, gameplay that suggests simplicity but actually offers a decent challenge to platform veterans, and an irrepressible visual style.

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