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Edge Sony NGP hands-on: 'Best ever handheld thumbsticks'

Mag has tall praise for PSP2

Respected gaming bible Edge has published its hands-on Sony NGP impressions - and it has tall praise for the PSP successor.

"Based on our hands-on time with the device following the presentation in Tokyo, we can confirm that Sony's 'Next Generation Portable' feels considerably larger than previous PSP models," the mag writes, adding that the lack in pocket friendliness is a "fair trade-off for the spectacular five-inch OLED display".


"Despite the larger dimensions, the handheld console is actually thinner than a PSP," it adds. "It's hard to believe such power is contained in such a slim form factor, especially without giving off any heat."

Edge goes on to call the NGP's 'Super Oval' shape "very comfortable", "robust" and "high quality".

The biggest praise however is aimed at the NGP's dual thumbsticks: "The analogue sticks are the best ever implemented in a portable device, giving the feel of using a genuine DualShock controller, with all the granularity of input you'd expect," it gushes.

Edge's comments echo those of Epic man Cliff Bleszinski, who had similar praise for the PSP successor's thumbsticks.

In the same issue Edge talks to SCE's worldwide studio boss Shuhei Yoshida, who revealed that Sony dropped NGP features to bring the price down.

The new issue of Edge is out now. Order it here and have it delivered to your door.