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Supremacy MMA: Tough enough to take on THQ?

This road to glory is particularly gory...

The guys at developers Kung Fu Factory have a long history with beat-'em-ups.

Among them are members who worked on the original UFC title on the Dreamcast, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and Rockstar title The Warriors.

Even so, you might think it curious that these guys re-emerge with a Mixed Martial Arts game so hot on the heels of THQ's recent UFC sales success and EA's own MMA game.

Kung Fu Factory are quick to dispel such thoughts by immediately telling us that Supremacy MMA isn't a sports sim like other titles.

Without the binds of branding and the associated regulations, we were demoed an unsanctioned and uncompromising beat-'em-up.


Rather than razzle dazzle fireworks, pretty, silicone-enhanced ring girls and big-budget casino fights, Supremacy offers no-holds-barred fighting, frequent limb breakage and a totally un-sanitised fighting experience.

Kung Fu Factory have opted for ex-UFC champ Jens Pulver as the poster boy for their game. A curious choice? Not say Kung Fu Factory; Pulver represents the underdog, the fighter fallen from grace.

He represents the guy who now has to take part in illegal fights in bars and warehouses just to make some cash. They want Supremacy to be about the journey of a fighter.

Instead of a huge roster of celebrity scrappers who are effectively just skins for a mo-capped athlete, the plan is to follow the storylines of a handful and their road from, say, ex-con or injured Olympic athlete to supremacy.

It also means that there's a far starker difference between the fighting styles as each character represents a specific martial art.

Gameplay-wise, Supremacy leans towards the arcade but we're promised that entry-level button-mashing will give way to deeper combo moves.

We were sold on the way Kung Fu Factory presented Supremacy MMA to us as a gritty alternative to Virtua Fighter rather than UFC: Undisputed.

All that we need now is hands-on time to see if it really packs a punch...

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