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Should Activision delay Call of Duty 8?

Debate: Would an extra year guarantee a 'bug free' game?

As you'll no doubt have seen yesterday, new Call of Duty developer, Sledgehammer has some pretty lofty ambitions for Call of Duty 8. Apart from review scores above 95 percent, it's also looking to create a "bug-free" experience.

While you might think that all developers are aiming to put out a product completely devoid of glitches, the reality is rarely the case and PlayStation 3 users will no doubt be able to testify against Black Ops being anything close to flawless from the off when it comes to multiplayer.


PlayStation 3 Black Ops players found their online experience littered with bugs, so much so in fact that Activision suffered the wrath of a pressure group claiming the publisher was using PS3 players "like game testers".

PS3 owners themselves felt aggrieved enough to petition Activision for a refund back in November.

"Once bitten, twice shy," you might say and PlayStation players especially may think twice about diving into Call of Duty with such gusto. But then, judging by the flurry Activision's FPS causes with every new release and, ironically, the furore it causes when it goes wrong shows how popular Call of Duty still is.

On balance, then, do you think Activision should skip a year with Call of Duty in order to guarantee a glitch-free, quality game, or are problems from day one just a reality of modern day game development?

Would you be willing to wait a little longer for an even better Call of Duty fix or would you rather get your hands on it as soon as possible and let patches do the rest?