Hitman 5: How to make it the best yet

Tell us what you want to see Agent 47 get up to...

Ask Square-Enix about Hitman 5 and they'll shake their heads frantically and deny any knowledge of it existing.

In fact, developers IO recently sent out a Tweet informing the world that they weren't working on it.

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They've garrotte to be kidding us! Not only has David Bateson, voice of Agent 47, spoken in public about Hitman 5's 'gobsmacking' script, but three - three! - separate former IO Interactive employees have crammed Hitman 5 onto their online CVs - all of which indicated (or at least they did before Squeenix laid the smack down on them) that Hitman 5 is scheduled for a Christmas 2011 release.

This tells us at least one more thing: that Hitman 5 is going to be a game worth shouting about...

But what can the current generation bring to the series? (Remember: Blood Money was a tarted-up Xbox 1 port.) We'd hope that a fair chunk of the 360's processing power will go towards improving the most important part of the gameworld: AI behaviour.

We don't necessarily mean in terms of the way they move, but more in the way they react to stimuli - such as Agent 47 drilling a screwdriver into a man's head, say.

Blood Money made great strides in this department, but reactions were rather uniform. We'd like to see different character types reacting differently; after all, a key part of the Hitman series' challenge comes in reacting to the unexpected.

Blood Money introduced the idea of rival agents who were sent to kill you whilst on the job, but they were static and only engaged if you happened to blunder into their lair.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's multiplayer has raised expectations; we'd like to see them actively hunt you down in a tense game of baldy kiss-chase.

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We'd also like to see more hiding places for cadavers (another winning Blood Money innovation), more deadly traps to spring... but mostly, we just want to see more Hitman.

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