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Saints Row 3 reveal next month?

THQ Core games EVP teases "HUGE announcement"

THQ will be making a "HUGE" announcement next month, says THQ's Core Games Exec VP, Danny Bilson. Could it be... Saint's Row 3?

"Look for a HUGE announcement from us the second week in March!" says Bilson in a Twitter post minutes ago.


"Will come with lots of content," he promises.

Bilson has been talking up its excitement for the Saint's Row sequel in the past few months, promising a game as visually rich as GTA IV, but one that clearly differentiates itself, and that is 'outrageous' and 'over the top'.

THQ told CVG is had made the decision to hold off releasing SR3 until 2011 for "quality" purposes, promising the extra time is an investment in 'the technology'.


[ SOURCE: Twitter ]