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Gran Turismo 5 Academy hits Europe next month

Become a real racer by competing in online trials

Sony and Polyphony Digital have confirmed that the Gran Turismo 5 Academy events will be available for European players to participate in from March 4.

The Gran Turismo Academy is a partnership between PlayStation and Nissan with the goal of taking a Gran Turismo player and turning him or her into a real-life racing driver.

So far the acadamy has produced two professional racers. Spanish MBA student Lucas Ordonez is now an international racing driver and Jordan Tresson placed fourth in the 2010 European GT4 Cup.

This year's time trial will be hosted within the Seasonal Events section of Gran Turismo 5 and will kick off at 09.00 GMT on Friday 4 March, running until 23.59 Sunday 17 April.

The competition is open to players in the UK & Ireland, France & Switzerland, Germany & Austria, Spain & Portugal, Italy and Netherlands, with paired leader boards.

The second round of the US GT Academy competition was scrapped due to the widespread use of underhand tactics and cheating.

[ SOURCE: EU PlayStation Blog ]