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Killzone 3: 'Now I'm in a tank, now I've got a jetpack'

Guerrilla producer talks Call of Duty, NGP and 3D...

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But on top of that we've added a new mode and added a lot of feedback that people had on Killzone 2. We just want to make a better all round experience.

Call of Duty players have had a horrible time with their multiplayer features on Black Ops recently, is that an opportunity for guys like you to come in and deliver the perfect multiplayer package?

Again it's different things to different people, we're a different kind of shooter, our multiplayer plays different from Call of Duty and other games.

So yeah obviously we like more people to enjoy our game, that's the whole reason we make these things - not just because we like it but because we know a lot of other people like it so for us to be able to get additional people in and experience what Killzone's like...

At the same time we do realise we're a completely different game, we're not that fast, we're more technical gameplay, it's more kind of class-based, we have clan support in there, we have completely different game modes in there so it's a completely different thing.

The recent PlayStation hacks have caused particular problems for multiplayer developers, they tend to hit multiplayer hardest. Does it concern you at all?


Absolutely, absolutely. The ability for one person to ruin people's games is not a good prospect obviously, so we're working with Sony on the moderation side, that's something that's been going on since games launching on the PS3.

We're looking at people misbehaving, being able to follow reports against those so that's all been taken care of and we're working with Sony to see, even more aggressively, what kind of things are happening.

But at the same time we have to step up as developers and say, "OK what are the holes in our game, what is the data, can we analyse that and see where the problems might be?"

We can look at the leaderboards and the stats that most people are playing with and say, "This doesn't look right. Can we look into that and see what's happening?" That's the reality now, we have to keep patching the game to make sure we keep getting one over the hackers.

A few publishers try to tackle the second-hand market with online passes and gates on their online content. Sony's one of the few to keep things quite open. Is that a commendable tactic when you're trying to battle the pre-owned market do you think?

I'm not sure, I mean battling the pre-owned market is obviously important from a business perspective and there are a lot of business concerns about the marketing that needs to happen.

From our perspective, there's only so much we can do. We want to make a game that has a lasting appeal, that people say, "I don't want to return this because I've invested in this title."

So we want to make a game that has that feeling where people say, "Well no I'm getting good value for money and I want to hang on to this because I continue to get good value, it's precious to me."

We'd love to be in a position where we create something that has that lasting appeal.

What's your one stand-out moment in Killzone 3?

My one stand-out moment?

Just one, yeah.

The thing is, every time I pick one, some of the team will be crying saying, "Why didn't you pick me?"

It's a bit of a spoiler but I like the space fight, I like being on board the spaceship. I don't want to give too much away, but to me it changes things up.

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