Game DLC subscription not necessary, says LittleBigPlanet dev

Devs can have a "more evergreen product" by budgeting for post-launch service

Developers don't need to charge a paid subscription such as that rumoured for Call of Duty to create a good post-launch service for gamers, LittleBigPlanet co-creator Alex Evans has said.

Speaking in the latest edition of Scott Steinberg's Game Theory, which takes an interesting look at the relationship between developers and publishers, Evans argued that studios can create a "more evergreen product" by budgeting for post-launch DLC and servers themselves.


"Traditional game developers have come from the model that you ship a game, work through various stages; alpha, beta... then you ship the game and go to the beach," he said in the video.

"Now, begrudgingly we've moved to a service model without even noticing it; now you need hosting, servers, maintenance, DLC...

"Consumers rightly have an expectation that they're buying into a universe and a service. It doesn't need to mean subscription; if you can budget for this up front then you can actually have a much more evergreen product. Certainly we're still learning how to keep people coming back."

The Media Molecule man went on to argue that comparisons between the video game industry and Hollywood are incorrect, and game developers are actually more like car manufacturers.

"We often hear people talking and comparing us to films... we're actually, as far as I understand it, more like the car industry," he said.

"That's why there are so many causalities because what you do is you bet the farm for two or three years on a product that is hugely technological, hugely risky and which is ultimately a fashion accessory - it's something that's totally dependant on the zeitgeist at the moment that you launch."

In an sad parallel, Bizarre Creations - creator of Project Gotham Racing and Blur - is due to shut its doors tomorrow.

[ SOURCE: Game Theory ]