Dara O'Briain: 'People think we're weird. Who cares?'

Insight: TV funnyman says it's time for gamers to "relax"...

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I've accepted that's just the nature of the beast. It's the way it is. But as the gaming industry gets more financially powerful, it's going to perhaps just have to relax about that.

Think about what games have achieved: They're beginning to influence movies, they're a huge part of people's lives. I mean the architecture of people's houses is built around gaming! People have to have a room where they can stick a giant television and play. When you think like that, getting into Heat magazine might not be the Holy Grail after all.

But do you know what? People who consume games aren't really arsed about consuming stuff to the 'side' of games. The way movie people want to see of their favourite stars when they're not acting, gaming people just don't. They couldn't give a fuck. They'd sooner be online playing Bad Company 2.


I think it's a very nerdy thing to not care about the ancillary stuff - to just care about the result. I speak as a maths nerd myself. You know, real science nerds don't give a shit about Einstein's life, they want to know about the result. Gaming geeks - and I am one - are a bit like that. "Who did the voice for this? Couldn't give a fuck. How does the mechanism work?"

Let's accept it. The Heat Magazine market? Those who think gaming's "weird"? It's their loss.

Whenever I've done my "moments in video games" stand-up material, there hasn't been a night where there wasn't at least half the room 'getting it' - and they've always sufficiently carried the other half. That, to me, says a lot.

Look out for our full interview with Dara on CVG very soon. Check out his appearance on BBC Breakfast through here.

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