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EA cancels 'My Garden' 3DS game

EA Play title sent to an early grave after lacklustre reception

My Garden, a 3DS game from EA Play, has been cancelled, EA confirmed at a New York event today.


The game, announced last September, tasked players with creating their own outdoor utopia, collecting plants and attracting wildlife from insects to birds. If the critters weren't doing much, you would shake the 3DS to ruffle them into action and you could whistle to attract different animals to your garden.

According to Joystiq, no specific reason was given for its cancellation, but we can't say we're greatly surprised. The game was intended as a launch game for the console but hasn't turned up on any launch-day line-ups we've seen.

More significantly, early previews of the game described dull gameplay and poorly-executed 3D that made players' eyes hurt. If we wanted 3D-induced headaches we'd bust out the Virtual Boy.

Sounds like EA's done us all a favour.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]