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Nintendo: Physical media going nowhere soon

Those that think otherwise "don't share the same reality as consumers"

The rise of downloadable games and new platforms designed for digital content consumption hasn't had a meaningful impact on traditional packaged game sales, according to Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe's MD of marketing and PR.

Fischer told our friends at Edge that until consumers vote with their wallets to say otherwise, the high street will always be Nintendo's priority.


"We have never seen any link between growth in the mobile gaming market and decrease in the normal software market. It's two different markets, two different topics. We couldn't find any evidence of those two markets being linked.

"It's the users that decide. Every time we have a new technology or trend coming in, every time people say: 'That's the new expectation. It'll be the mass market in one, maybe two or three years.' You can bet it's always wrong."

He added: "Sometimes it's quicker than anyone expected, sometimes it's dead before we can even talk further about it, and sometimes it is five or ten years later than anyone planned. None of us can tell that.

"People who talk about the end of physical media don't share the same daily reality as most consumers."

Nintendo said earlier this week that current pre-paid Nintendo Points cards - which play home to a virtual currency players can spend on Wii and DS - won't be compatible with 3DS.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]