Konami reveals new 3DS puzzle adventure

Say hello to 'Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights'

Konami has revealed another 3DS game in its line-up for Nintendo's new handheld; a new puzzle adventure game entitled Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights.

Lautrec, an eccentric character, and his female sidekick helper Sophie explore the mysteries of 19th century Europe, having players solve puzzles, riddles and overcome tricky logic-based posers, while having to deal with 'rivals'.


Konami details the plot: "One day, a woman named Marie visits Lautrec bearing a curious gadget. The mysterious map that the gadget displayed seemed to point the way to a fantastic hidden treasure belonging to Louis XIV of the House of Bourbon, a dynasty that had collapsed a century earlier.

"As they search for the treasure, they find themselves targeted by a mysterious man named Vidocq. They are blocked at every turn by the Knights of the Iron Mask, a mysterious group of men with iron masks and claws. And then they must fight the Treasures Animatus."

It features both a single-player story which will apparently keep you busy for 10 hours, and a four-player 'Treasure Hunt' mode.

Konami says the game "uses the power of the 3DS in 3D to enhance game play giving gamers the ability to look around for clues like they're in the game." Sounds like a gyroscope-powered look-around mode to us.

The game's due out in the summer, following closely behind PES 2011, which Konami has ready for the console's March 25 launch.

First shots are on this page, lots more on the official site below.

[ SOURCE: Official Konami site ]