Fight Night 6 earmarked for Live Broadcast Mode

EA Sports fight sims will share technology, says Fight Night producer

EA MMA's Live Broadcast feature looks set to make the jump to EA Sports' flagship boxing franchise in Fight Night 6.

The online feature, which sees fights in EA MMA broadcast on the internet along with live commentary from real fleshy humans, arrived in EA Sports' mixed martial arts sim and looks like to come to future Fight Night titles as well.


"The technology for Live Broadcast came in a little bit too late for us to take into Fight Night Champion," Fight Night Champion producer Mike Mahar told CVG.

"But users can expect that whatever we make next, whether it be MMA or Fight Night, will share and use that technology."

In return, Mahar also told us that we could see Fight Night Champion's story based Champion Mode come to other EA Sports titles, meaning the possibility of following the thrills and spills of a young football star's lifestyle could become a reality.