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PS3 players 'can probably hope for' Crysis 2 demo

Crytek promises PS3 version won't be inferior to the Xbox 360 one

Crytek executive producer Nathan Camarillo has suggested that the company would like to release a PS3 demo of Crysis 2, but he wouldn't outright confirm any such plans.

Speaking to PSU, he said PS3 gamers "can probably hope for one".

"We want as many people to play Crysis 2 as possible," he added. "I can't say anything too specific ... we haven't announced [the demo] yet."

Camarillo went on to say there'd be no difference in quality between the PS3 version of Crysis 2 and the Xbox 360 one, which has seen a pre-release demo.


"People can try to find [disparities], but they won't find anything. They both run great, they both play great whether you're playing single-player or multiplayer - they're identical offerings. The quality is outstanding on both of them; there's really no difference."

Crytek's to launch a PC demo of Crysis 2 on March 1.