9 of the best looking games ever

Sights for sore eyes...

We'll say it straight away; we've left some pretty big hitters out of this list.

Where's Halo Reach, for example? Or Gears of War 2? Dead Space 2 was also a massively atmospheric adventure, thanks in some part to its bleak but brilliant presentation.

They all deserve shiny letters of commendation - along with plenty of others - but you have to draw the line somewhere and we've marked ours firmly.

Instead of those big guns you'll find a few that might surprise you, some oldies that have managed to stand the test of time (thanks to some expert design decisions) and some of our personal favourites that conjure up fond memories.

Of course there are a couple of massive triple A titles in the mix as well, some we just couldn't ignore.

Give us your list of graphical greatness in the comments section below. Here's ours:


This is the game of the moment as far as graphics are concerned. Others have come and made a permanent, beautiful mark on the industry before bowing out, but Naughty Dog rules the roost at the moment. Uncharted 2 is the current graphical point of comparison for all others.

It's not just the smooth and vivid textures that make Uncharted 2 look great it's also a lighting showcase and a cinematic wonder. It's the way the game keeps on flowing seamlessly from one epic set-piece to the next that means the player is dragged into the visuals and never forced to leave until the final fade-out.

Let's not forget some of the beautiful vistas scattered around the game and, in fact, the whole series that have helped Uncharted stand out from the crowd.


This generation's God of War is, as you'd expect, the most polished of the lot but the reasons why it's considered a graphical godsend have been consistent throughout the series.

The spectacle in God of War III begins right from the off. The game starts with two Titans slowly climbing a cliff face; they're absolutely massive and flawlessly designed.

That opening cinematic itself is impressive enough, but when the gameplay starts you realise that it's more than just a cinematic, one of the Titans is the level itself. Better yet, as you're being incredibly violent on top of the Titan the world around you keeps changing because the Titan is still climbing.

The transitions from tiny Kratos to massive stone figure are constant and seamless every time. It's a technical marvel.


This one might be a bit of an unexpected choice but the little XBLA puzzling side-scroller is certainly one of our favourites to look at.

Okay so it's black and white so we can hardly testify to a vivid palette washing over our eyes, but the fact that so much nuanced detail is portrayed in the game is telling of its animation standard.

We love everything about the way that little, bright-eyed kid moves, from the slight, intermittent bobble in his head to the way his heels kick up clouds of dust behind him.

The shading is perfect as well, creating misty shafts of light that shoot from the background, past the jet-black trees that make up an incredibly eerie, lonely environment. Limbo's artistic approach creates a rare, truly unique atmosphere.


Not only is Team Fortress 2 one of our favourite online FPS experiences, but it's bright, cartoon presentation pushes all our buttons as well.

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