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Dead Space 3: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Isaac was also more exposed in terms of his back-story and learning more about our protagonist helped us to relate to the man we were controlling as well as providing some extra incentive to survive.

We don't want to spoil bits of the story for anyone who hasn't played all the way through Dead Space 2 yet but we especially liked the way Isaac's wife was integrated into the story as well. We want to see where that goes in the third.

Ultimately all of this served to make our main character more complicated and three-dimensional, which is always a good thing in our book.

Like we said, some people we sceptical about removing the helmet but we think it's opened up far more opportunities in terms of character development potential and we want to see that really grasped and extended in the third outing.

Dead Space 2's multiplayer doesn't really work and, in a way, that'll be music to a lot of survival horror fans who probably wouldn't hold back in hitting Visceral with a big fat "Told you so".


Dead Space's appeal is the expertly crafted atmosphere it manages to conjure by using various visual and audio techniques at the right time, progressing the story in a specific way or just straight up hitting you with everything it's got for a completely different kind of scare.

With multiplayer the ability to manipulate the gameplay in a controlled way like that is taken away from the studio meaning you can't get the kind of atmosphere in Dead Space 2's multiplayer that you do in its campaign.

Visceral wanted players to work together, especially when it comes to playing as Necromorphs where the idea is to play with the humans, sneak around and intimidate them before going in for the kill.

Most of the modes are geared towards teamwork as well but the scoring system in Dead Space 2's multiplayer actually favours people who play it like a basic deathmatch over those who work towards the co-op objective. Rack up kills on your lonesome and you'll rank higher than someone who has been working away at trying to gather the Shock Mine pieces in the Titan Mines mode for example.

So Visceral needs to work on multiplayer's scoring system to encourage people to play as was intended. Not only will that make for some more fulfilling team based gamery but it will go some way to creating some of the urgency and tension that the single campaign has as well.

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