Saint's Row 3 release date, official name, images leaked

First art reveals airport scene, shows 2011 release date

The first images of what's claimed to be genuine Saint's Row 3 art has appeared on the net, along with an add that seems to reveal the game's official name and release date.


According to the leaked ad, the game's called Saint's Row: The Third, and will be out in 'Holiday 2011'. It also has the slogan, "Strap it on" - a nod to the return of the game's adult humour.

The images show a scene at an airport, featuring what appears to be an older version of the Saint's Row character, Johnny Gat. In the background you can see what appears to be a more built-up version of Stillwater city.

The NeoGAF thread in which these images turned up claims they are for the next Game Informer magazine cover.

THQ's Core Games Exec VP, Danny Bilson recently teased a "HUGE announcement" from THQ - widely expected to be Saint's Row 3 - coming in the second week in March.