BioShock 2 PC 'Protector Trials' DLC released, broken

Delayed DLC arrives pre-maturely, costs money and doesn't work

It looks like the long-awaited 'Protector Trials' DLC for the PC version of BioShock 2 was made available pre-maturely via Games for Windows Live - and it doesn't work.


Users woke up this weekend to find that the download pack, which was yet to officially arrive on PC, was available for the price of 400 MS Points (despite the seemingly common expectation it would be free).

But when users paid for and downloaded the 964mb update, they were completely unable to access it.

"These were not supposed to go live," confirmed a 2K rep via the official forum (thanks, Big Donwload), who advised users not to download it.

"Hang tight and I'll let you know what's going on when I get official word - I don't know the status of that content given that it wasn't supposed to be released yet, so I wouldn't work on trying to get it going," they said to users who were trying to overcome the issue.

The rep added that official feedback can't be expected until Tuesday "at the earliest", leaving those who've already paid for the broken content in the lurch until then.

2K Marin's handling of BioShock 2 on PC has been shabby to say the least. The initial launch was marred by proposed plans for controversial DRM measures, which were subsequently 'scaled back' when the community went mental. Then last October 2K Games caused a bigger stir when it scrapped plans to bring BioShock 2 DLC packs Protector Trials and Minerva's Den to PC due to "timing and technical issues", only to quickly change its mind.

[ SOURCE: 2K Forums ]