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Sony NGP: CryEngine support confirmed

Sony lists supporting engines available to developers right now

Sony has confirmed that Crytek's CryEngine development tools are compatible with the NGP (PSP2) portable.


Confirmation comes in the form of an announcement that lists middleware dev tools that are now available to developers for the new Sony console.

Other notable entrees on the list include Havoc, which provides one of the most widely used physics engines in the industry, and Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, which was demonstrated with impressive results at Sony's NGP reveal event.

The support of major middleware dev tools will help other developers get more games to the platform, and should help boost the number of titles available for the platform in the near-term.

Sony has also said it made efforts to make NGP development "as natural as possible", with PS3 ports not only doable but 'simple and quick'.
The full list of middleware support (specified to be as of January 27) can be seen in the presser through the link below.

[ SOURCE: Sony ]