Valve 'not prepared to talk about' Half-Life: Episode 3

Dev still silent three years on from last release

Valve is still "not prepared to talk about" Half-Life: Episode Three "at the moment", despite the last episodic instalment having been released almost three and a half years ago.

That's what head scribe Chet Falisek told, later pretending to be on the bad end of a dodgy phone line, before joking (or was he?) that the third Half-Life episode will expose dimensional travler G-Man as "Gordon Freeman from the future".


Half-Life: Episode Three is becoming something of a legend now.

In late 2009 Valve's Chet Falisek visited the CVG office and when quizzed on the missing-in-action third HL2 instalment, was rather cagey.

"Until we have something we have to announce we tend not to talk about what we're working on," he said.

A later magazine rumour suggested that Episode Three might not even release in episodic form. Whether its via box product, download or stage play, we just want it to come out.