What's Gabe Newell's favourite game of all time?

The Valve boss reveals his most cherished title

Valve boss Gabe Newell has named Super Mario 64 as his favourite game in history - whilst labelling Portal 2 as the best title Valve has ever made.

Speaking in a video conference call to US students last week, Newell was asked which of Valve's games he considered the finest.


He said: "Portal 2. I think Portal 2 is our most confident design that we've done so far. I think it's a great game and I'm really proud of the work that everybody did on it."

When asked what his favourite game of all time was, he replied:

"It's still Mario 64, actually. I still think that was just astonishing."

However, Newell wasn't completely complimentary of Nintendo's moustachioed mascot. He added:

"How many of you have played Mario 64? How many of you were really disappointed in Mario Galaxy?" - before raising his own hand.

He then qualified that Galaxy "wasn't bad as Mario Sunshine."

Forbes last week revealed that the Valve boss is a "near-billionaire" and once nearly went blind due to Fuchs Dystrophy, a congenital disease that slowly destroys the cornea.