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Duke Nukem Forever: Feminism, fellatio and the funnies

Interview: Randy Pitchford discusses Duke's revival, his thoughts on a sequel and the game's opponents...

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Well, eh, no. I don't. It's funny, Duke isn't a misogynist. He is ego-centric and everything in his world revolves around him. And women can offer him something different than men can. So if, to Duke, women are less than him, it's not because they're women, it's just because they're not him. [Laughs]

But he actually loves women and will put himself to great risk to make sure that they're safe. That's the whole premise of the game. I think it'd be really interesting some day to see what a female version of Duke would be like. Maybe that's a game.

I think honestly, people that bring that stuff up are probably not people that are actually consuming this stuff themselves and are actually truly offended. They just have an agenda and they're really using something that is famous, or that has notoriety to try to get attention to their issue.


I think honestly, I don't have any predictions, but if there are feminists that want to use Duke to help further the cause of better women's rights, go for it.

We're all people in this world. We all just want to have a good life and get along. There's a lot of unfair crap that happens to chicks in this world, and if they can use Duke to get more attention to their cause, good for them.

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