DICE working on 'other secret projects'

Battlefield 3 not the studio's only project

EA developer DICE isn't just working on Battlefield 3 but has 'other secret projects' on the boil.


That's according to Dice general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson who says as much during a studio tour video with Game Informer (via Gamerzines).

"We do have other secret projects that I can't talk about right now," he hints as he gives the magazine a look at the typically plush office building where Battlefield 3 is being crafted.

Is it another Battlefield game? Bad Company 3 maybe? Or is it just helping out with other studios' games, as it did last year with creating the multiplayer part of Medal of Honor?

What's on your wishlist?

DICE has said it's leading with PC and not console because the PC crowd 'has been the one complaining'.

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]