Capcom wants your Dead Rising 2 feedback

Ahead of expected sequel announcement

Capcom has reached out to fans for feedback on the good and bad aspects of zombie offering Dead Rising 2.


While speculation as to the purpose of the survey is probably pointless, there's a very good chance that some of the information provided will have a bearing on the development of Dead Rising 3.

Questions asked in the survey include 'what interested you in Dead Rising 2', 'what is your LEAST favourite part about Dead Rising 2?', 'what is your favourite part about Dead Rising 2?' and 'If you could change one thing about Dead Rising 2, what would it be?'.

If you're a fan of the series, or even if you've played it and weren't too happy about some features, this is the perfect chance to let Capcom know.

Capcom COO David Reeves has told CVG that Dead Rising 3 is likely to directly continue the narrative of its hugely successful predecessor - and that another digital 'prologue' is all but guaranteed.

[ SOURCE: Capcom-Unity ]