Sony: 'Worst game of all time' is coming to PS3

Worst game of all time?

Sony has shed light on new PSN title Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder, which the platform holder itself calls "the worst game ever".

Why has Sony decided to be quite so mean about the iFun4All title it's hosting on its flagship online service? Because it's actually a compliment: Paper Wars has been designed specifically to stink.


Sony's own US PlayStation blog reports that iFun4All considers itself "one of the worst developers in the world, let alone Europe".

It adds: "We're a small team, consisting mostly of a few talentless drunkards scattered about a few remote villages. With our limited funds and even more limited access to power and internet, creating truly great games just isn't a real possibility. We instead decided to go the other way, and set out to create the worst games of all time."

After receiving good review scores for its iOS game 'Crap of Defense', the studio's team got a bit disheartened - apparently they thought that was pants too. So they set out to use their mediocre development abilities to create a PlayStation Minis title that would truly suck.

And you know what? It looks like fun. In a rubbish way.

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is out in Europe now and will hit PSN in the US today. Check it out in the video below.

Sony's is offering "power to players" through a new project that will see the PlayStation community help design a PSN game.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]