Valve: New Source Engine SDK will be less 'painful' for devs

Newell says studio is spending "a tremendous amount of time on tools"

Valve has promised that it is spending a "tremendous amount of time" improving its Source Engine SDK.

Gabe Newell admitted that for both Valve and those who employ its development tools, Source has become "painful" to use, as it makes development difficult.

The interface of Valve's Hammer Editor, the SDK's world-creation tool, has not changed significantly since its initial release alongside the original Half-Life in 1998.

However, the exec revealed that's all set to change - as Valve beavers away on a slicker package for third-parties.


Newell was asked in the latest Steamcast: "Will Valve ever update the Source SDK, especially Hammer?"

He replied: "Oh yeah, we're spending a tremendous amount of time on tools right now. So, our current tools are... very painful, so we probably are spending more time on tools development now than anything else and when we're ready to ship those I think everybody's life will get a lot better.

"[It's] just way too hard to develop content right now, both for ourselves and for third-parties, so we're going to make enormously easier and simplify that process a lot."

It might be a bit fiddly, but Source has been responsible for some of the greatest games on the current generation, including Valve's own Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead and Portal.

[ SOURCE: Steamcast ]