3DS originally lacked 3D, motion sensors

Original concept didn't consider 3D at all, says Nintendo

The original concept designs for Nintendo's new handheld originally did not include the 3D display that the system would eventually be named after.


Hideki Konno, Nintendo's group manager of the 3DS hardware project and Nintendogs producer, revealed that the original prototype shown to him in 2008 lacked 3D, and the 3D idea wasn't raised until Nintendo saw some "impressive" glasses-free 3D tech demoed in early 2009.

"The first time I heard from [Nintendo president Satoru] Iwata and Miyamoto about this was just after I wrapped up Mario Kart Wii and got started working on DSi Sound," Konno said in the latest issue of Famitsu.

"They showed me this piece of hardware which later became the 3DS and said 'Here's what we're working on right now.'"

He went on to explain: "I became involved with development starting in 2008, but at that time, it didn't have 3D visuals." He later revealed that it didn't have gyroscope or accelerometer sensors either (we wonder what it did have, if not the two biggest features of the eventual 3DS). These "were actually put in pretty late," - apparently "just before E3 last year," where the system was first unveiled.

Nintendo felt it had already tried 3D before will little success. But Nintendo looked to 3D once again in 2009. "It was the right time to start thinking about using the latest in high-tech and try out glasses-free 3D," said Konno. "The technology we got to demo was really impressive, and starting in early 2009, we began to think that it was time to bring it to games," he said, and so the 3DS was born.

The 3DS is out in UK and US next month, and we can hardly wait.