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MS: 2011 'incredible' for hardcore gamers on Xbox

Today's announcements "just the beginning", says platform holder

2011 will be "an incredible year" for hardcore gamers on Xbox 360.

That's according to the senior producer of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, Kevin Unangst, who told CVG that this afternoon's Xbox 360 announcements are "just the beginning" of what 2011 has to offer.


"Hardcore gamers are where it started and absolutely, we've got Gears, great games like Homefront, Batman: Arkham City... if you like core games - and I'm a core gamer - this is going to be an incredible year," he said, adding that "what you're seeing here today is just the beginning."

In the same interview Unangst called Gears of War 3 - which was dated yesterday - a "massive" game for Xbox 360 in 2011.

This afternoon Microsoft announced release dates for the latest Halo Reach DLC and Fable 3 PC, plus new DLC for the console version of Fable.

The platform holder also confirmed that free-to-play PC title, Age of Empires Online is now under development at Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games.

On Xbox Live Arcade, it announced Kinect-enabled Gunstringer from Twisted Pixel, and download sequel The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile.