Resident Evil: Raccoon City a prequel?

New rumours emerge on mystery Resi title

Resident Evil: Raccoon City has made a return to rumour circles today for the first time since it first surfaced in November last year.


According to the latest whispers, the game will make be set in none other than the iconic Raccoon City. Fans will know that the entire city was destroyed with a Nuclear strike to contain the zombie outbreak, so it's speculated that, unless this is a rebuilt Raccoon City in the distant future, it could be a prequel.

The Kartel also reports the mystery game will feature multiple playable characters, but they'll all apparently be new and not characters currently known from series, which further supports prequel/parallel story theories.

According to rumors last year, SOCOM Confrontation developer Slant Six Games is currently working on the new Resi game, which was also rumoured to be a team-based affair.

Whatever it is, if there's a new Resi game coming you can consider us excited.

[ SOURCE: The Kartel ]