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Guerrilla admits Killzone 2 was 'too urban'

Producer talks about lack of variety - and KZ3's improvement

Guerrilla Games has observed that environments in the first half of its Killzone 2 lacked variety, something it's strived to improve in the third game of the series.


Speaking to CVG in a new interview producer Steven Ter Heide was asked what was the main thing he want players to see in the third title.

He replied by saying he wanted players to "see more of Killzone", pointing to a focus on urban locales in Killzone 2.

"I think with Killzone 2 we stayed too long in the urban setting, there wasn't enough variety towards the first half of the game," he commented. "There was more variety towards the end but a lot of people didn't get to there."

According to Ter Heide, Killzone 3 throws in something new on a regular basis - but players won't get the most out of the game's variety unless they play through the entire campaign.

"I would like people to experience that, that there's something new every couple of minutes. Now I'm in a tank, now I'm doing this, now I've got a jetpack.

"So I'd like them to have a better experience by playing all the way through this roller-coaster and see more of the stuff that we've made because there is a lot of good stuff in there. That variety has to come through" added Heide.

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