Kirby's Epic Yarn review - 8/10 on Edge

As welcoming as a fluffy blanket

Kirby's Epic Yarn is finally is available UK in the UK from today and Edge has provided its verdict on Nintendo's latest Wii platformer.


Edge has given Kirby's new adventure an 8/10 in its review. It describes Epic Yarn a game of two parts: "a careful collect 'em up" and "a lightweight platformer".

It says that although "the levels don't feel as fresh as they look" there are "flashes of Super Mario Galaxy-esque inspiration" in their design.

The review concludes by saying "Kirby's Epic Yarn is as welcoming as a fluffy blanket, and almost as pleasant to be wrapped up in".

Epic Yarn received a 93% in Official Nintendo Magazine's review, which said it is "the cheeriest game of this generation."

[ SOURCE: Edge ]