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Metal Gear Solid 5: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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While we're flicking through our SAS Survival Guide, why don't we chuck a few more ideas in there? If we were cast back into the depths of the foliage, we'd like to be able to set traps for our foes and build shelters to survive the night. We'd like to do all this using the raw materials around us.

We don't want to go so far that MGS 5 becomes some survival RPG or 'The Sims: Jungle Love', but we would like to see what Snake Eater started expanded upon more.

We know that fans of the Metal Gear series are all about the complicated story, the disorientating twists, turns and swivels that force you to the internet for explanation as soon as the end credits roll.

And we've already said how much we appreciate Kojima's epic sense of style when it comes to putting together amazing cut-scenes. But you have to admit that sometimes (just sometimes) it does get a bit too much.


We still believe there's a way for Kojima to tell his stories more efficiently and without the four hour cinematics (what do you mean, 'exaggeration'?)

If it were anyone else, any other series, we'd probably criticise a lack of balance between gameplay and FMV sequences, but Mr. MGS gets away with it. Maybe that's because Kojima's so good at the latter (and the former for that matter) but we'd still like to spend more time in control and less time trying to wrap our head around endless dialogue explaining events from the past forty years.

Most games manage to merge gameplay, background and current story pretty seamlessly today, hardly taking control away from the player at all. Using devices like audio-logs or even just having characters fill you in on a subject while you're getting on with something else would help diminish the amount of time we spend sitting in front of a Metal Gear title taking notes.

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