Grand Theft Auto V appears on actor's CV, causes frenzy

Voiceover man says it's a typo

An experience actor who's contributed to a number of big-name games in recent years has typed 'Grand Theft Auto V' on his CV in a list of his projects. Has he worked on the unannounced game? He says not.

As you can imagine, his CV's been picked up by the all-seeing eyes of the internet, where it was immediately posted as "confirmation" of Rockstar's next GTA game.


This would no doubt cause a frenzy of fanboy fits and hyperbole and, of course, that report's flying up the ranks on N4G as we speak.

But the typed title is only one letter away from possibly referring to GTAIV. An easy mistake to make? CVG gave the actor in question, a Declan Mulvey of New York city a ring.

It was, said Mr Mulvey, just a typo. He confirmed in a brief conversation with CVG that the listing was made in error - one which the friendly Mr. Mulvey will no doubt speedily fix now that he's aware that his simple error is causing fanboy heart attacks as we speak.

Stand down, kids. Sounds like a false alarm.