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Grand Theft Auto V web domains spotted?

Rockstar brand humour takes pop at economic crash

Clues about Grand Theft Auto V could well have been uncovered thanks to a number of newly registered domain names.

While there's no doubt that GTA V will be with us at some point in future, Rockstar parent company Take Two has bought up a number of web addresses that have a very GTA flavour to them.

The sites are:,,, and


You've probably noticed that they're all parodying financial help services in some way, the kind that advertise at mid day during the week and ask for your gold.

The domain registrations fit with the usual GTA viral tactic of having real-world representations of in-game businesses and it looks like a lot of them in GTA V will be poking at our current financial woes.

Yesterday 'Grand Theft Auto V' was spotted on an established voice actor's CV, although the action in question has since claimed it was a typo and was meant to say Grand Theft Auto IV.

[ SOURCE: GrandTheft5 ]