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Street Fighter X Tekken announcement 'after US 3DS launch'

Producer Yoshinori Ono cranks up the hype

We can expect more information on Street Fighter X Tekken after the release of the Nintendo 3DS in the US.

That's according to Capcom's main street fighter (by which we mean Street Fighter producer) Yoshinori Ono, who talked about an upcoming update on his half of the Street Fighter/Tekken cross-over dual release on Twitter.


"We are preparing to make announce for SFxTK!" he said in response to one crazed, caps-heavy fan.

Prior to that he had answered a calmer but far more vague Tweet asking about " the announcement for 'that'" with, "Is it about SFxTK's news? It's after 3DS in US. ;D"

The 3DS hits the US on March 27 so expect Street Fighter X Tekken news soon after.

The last we saw from the Capcom effort were the Street Fighter X Tekken screenshots released in August last year.

[ SOURCE: Yoshinori Ono on Twitter ]