Motorstorm Apocalypse: 'This could be the pinnacle of off-road racing'

Assistant game director talks pushing the PS3 to its limit...

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We noticed in the NGP announcement trailer, the Motorstorm logo was one of many to appear...

I can't comment on that, largely because I can't comment on that - I actually don't know anything about it. Look, this game is just about to be released, we're obviously going to start thinking about where we're going next, the world is fairly open to us at the moment.

Like I said before, all I want to do is make sure we keep creating kick-ass games. If that's another Motorstorm game or if that's an entirely new game it doesn't matter. What you can expect from Evolution Studios is just stuff that f****** blows you away. We've set our stall out now, I feel like the previous two games were building to this point; both in terms of visual spectacle but also in terms of playable experience.


The multiplayer experience alone is just so board and from a design point of view it's elegant, it plays really well, the reward system works. We've really tried to make this an excellent experience and we'll just keep doing that.

Have you had exposure to the NGP? What's the dev's reaction to it?

We were really excited about it. To be honest, we've had our heads down trying to finish this off so our exposure to it has been fairly limited. We obviously got a bit of a sneak preview before the public did but other than that we've had no real exposure to it, largely because we've just been too busy to be honest.

For me personally, I think it's a great piece of kit. What handheld device gives you that kind of performance and that level of experience? The sort of experience - If you think about the studios Sony has, even just the internal studios, the sort of games they've created - experiences like that in the palm of your hand, you can't really get it anywhere else. I think it's a very exciting time to be a gamer really.

[Head over to the Motorstorm Apocalypse hub, represent CVG in a Motorstorm tournament and be in with a chance to win a trip to E3. The competition closes on March 3, 2011 and MotorStorm Apocalypse will be available to buy on March 18.]

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