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Professor Layton is top selling 3DS game

Over a quarter of 3DS buyers pick up the Miracle Mask

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was the top selling 3DS game in Japan during the platform's launch weekend.


According to Japanese publisher Enterbrain (via Kotaku), the Miracle Mask moved 117,589 copies over the weekend, meaning over a quarter of 3DS buyers picked up the Level 5 game.

The developer said earlier this month that the Professor Layton series has shipped more than 11 million units worldwide.

While Nikkei claims Nintendo sold 400,000 3DS units in Japan during the system's first 24 hours of availability, Enterbrain's pegged the figure at 371,326 sales over Saturday and Saturday.

CVG's praise-filled 3DS review went live over the weekend.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]