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Motorstorm dev to focus on 'stuff that f****** blows you away'

But future of racing series unclear, says director

PS3 owners can expect Evolution Studios' future output to deliver "stuff that f****** blows you away" - and it won't necessarily be Motorostorm.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, game director Simon Barlow said he doesn't know what the studio will work on next - or how it could possibly go about topping new outing, Motorstorm: Apocalypse.


"How do you top [Motorstorm: Apocalypse]? I don't have that answer, but then when we made Pacific Rift we were like, "How do you top that?" I didn't have the answer at the time but the answer came about," he told CVG.

"Who knows what we'll do next, whether it's Motorstorm or something else? We will improve on this at some point. Maybe we'll need to switch genres to improve on it, maybe this is the pinnacle of off-road racing, I don't know, it remains to see what the players think of it.

"Like I said before, all I want to do is make sure we keep creating kick-ass games," the director added. "If that's another Motorstorm game or if that's an entirely new game it doesn't matter. What you can expect from Evolution Studios is just stuff that f****** blows you away.

"We've set our stall out now, I feel like the previous two games were building to this point; both in terms of visual spectacle but also in terms of playable experience."

On the appearance of a Motostorm logo during Sony's NGP reveal trailer, Barlow was seemingly unsure.

"I can't comment on that, largely because I can't comment on that - I actually don't know anything about it," he said.

"Look, this game is just about to be released, we're obviously going to start thinking about where we're going next, the world is fairly open to us at the moment."

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