Infamous 2: 'Cole is the most recognisable face behind the problems'

Sucker Punch talks about its super-powered sequel...

The original Infamous introduced us to Cole MacGrath, the emergence of a modern day superhero and a Karma system that would see the citizens of Empire City basking in your glory or cowering in fear.

However, thanks to the arguably more flamboyant and over-the-top Prototype (which was released at a similar time to Infamous) we saw plenty of room for improvement for Sucker Punch's sequel. We chat to Brian Fleming to see how they plan to deliver those improvements...

What brings Cole to New Marais? What inspired this environment?

After the events of Empire City, Cole knows he must become even more powerful to face The Beast. The technology behind the Ray Sphere (the device which originally gave Cole his powers) was developed in New Marais, and he hopes that by going there he can increase and diversify his abilities...

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As for the inspirations for New Marais, we wanted to set the game in a beautiful location that had terrific variety. We also wanted a climate change from the colder climate of the North-East United States, so going south made sense.

Cole starts the game with many of the powers he ended the first game with. Were you tempted to strip him of those powers?

This is a complex issue for game designers in general. Fans of the first game understandably want to carry their hard-earned powers forward.

However, there will be new players to the franchise as well, and sometimes the huge collection of abilities can be overwhelming for them at the start. Our job is to give a great experience for both sets of players.

This time Cole will become even more powerful. What powers can we expect to see?

Some of the newer/heavier powers we're already talking about include the Ionic Vortex - an electrified tornado Cole can unleash. He's also got the Kinetic Pulse which lets him pick up objects and blast them off into the distance.

And don't forget you'll see new movement abilities, and some of the old abilities will be advanced and improved. Like everything we do at our studio, we built these by failing a lot.

We tried all sorts of new powers and abilities, played with them a bunch, and the ones which we ended up with are the most fun.

Cole's environment is highly destructible now. How will this affect the gameplay?

It makes it more exciting for certain! We really wanted the player to feel powerful, and a big part of that is seeing the reaction of the world to your powers.

This can be wanton destruction when you unleash the Ionic Vortex, or very targeted opportunities where you collapse scaffolding right out from under some bad guys.

You've introduced two new characters recently: Wolfe and Bertrand...

Wolfe is the creator of the Ray Sphere technology - and he is the reason we've come to New Marais in the first place. Bertrand is a civic leader in New Marais, and he isn't too excited to have Cole showing up in his city.

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Remember, Empire City just went through hell, and Cole MacGrath is the most recognizable face behind all those problems!

Cole will be up against two factions in Infamous 2 - can you tell us a bit about the militia and the swamp creatures?

The Militia provide armed support for Bertrand and his anti-conduit agenda. The swamp creatures are more of a mystery at this point - they seem neither friendly to Cole nor the citizens of New Marais... We'll leave that one up to players to figure out!

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