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Import Review: And they call it puppy love...

Our copy of Őkamiden was accompanied by a despairing and heart-felt letter from the Capcom PR.

After all, what's a guy to do when looking after a game that looks adorable, offers an epic and lengthy adventure that mixes puzzles, combat, Japanese folklore and puppies and yet still fails to make any impact on the gaming public?

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You probably get bored of reading the comparison, but if you've loved Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks then you could just as easily sink as many hours into the delightful and funny tale of this celestial pup.

Őkamiden is, in almost every way, a miniaturised version of Őkami, the PS2 original. It stars the super cute Chibiterasu, wolf pup son of Amaterasu, who will team up with a number of side-kicks including Kuni (adopted son of Őkami's pal Susano).

While Amaterasu's quest saw her recovering lost powers, Chibi (as he is affectionately known) is more on a voyage to learn his Celestial Brush skills for the first time.

However, once he does start to pick up new techniques (appropriately, dished out by the children of gods from the original) then the gameplay plays out much the same as in Őkami; restoring power to Miss Sakuya, spirit of the Guardian Trees, using Brush skills (drawn on the touch screen, naturally) to problem solve, going on fetch quests and fighting boss battles.

As a portable accompaniment to Őkami (rather than a massively evolved sequel), Őkamiden is great for loyal fans who want to see the lore develop.

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If you haven't played the first, though, then this is just as good an introduction to this captivating world. Go on, buy it and prove to Capcom they aren't wasting their time....

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The verdict

More a shrunken Okami than a full-blown sequel, but there's just as much to love here

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