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Microsoft demos lifelike Kinect avatars

"It'll be some time" before the new tech shows up in products

Microsoft has demoed research into lifelike avatars that'll likely show up in games at some point.

USA Today is carrying an exclusive video showing off the tech, which Microsoft chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said can be used to "create an avatar whose facial animation is very, very realistic, and the quality is almost like a photograph of a person.

"There's no reason that we couldn't do that in real time by feeding the information that we get from a Kinect sensor, including its audio input and its 3D modelling spatial representation, and couple that to the body and the gesture recognition in order to create a full body avatar that has photorealistic features and full facial recognition.

"It'll come," he added, "but this is obviously still research work, so it'll be some time before it shows up in products."

Microsoft demonstrated a range of features for upcoming Xbox 360 chat service Avatar Kinect at the firm's Redmond headquarters last week, which you can see in the trailer below.

[ SOURCE: USA Today ]