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Portal 2 Achievements list revealed

50 achievements listed in all their comical glory

All 50 of the achievements to appear in Valve's highly anticipated Portal 2 have been revealed.

As you might expect from Valve, a fair few of them sound pretty amusing, such as 'The Part Where he Kills You' achievement with the description: "This is that part". Others involve performing aerial gestures or mercilessly killing your partner in co-op.

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One achievement has sparked fanboy specilation that the game will drop hinting links to Half Life 2: Episode 3. The 'Ship Overboard' achievement asks players to 'discover the missing experiment', which has been speculated to be referencing the Borealis ship, mentioned in HL: Ep 2 as a ship that contains a technology of immense power that could assist in your mission.

But a link to Episode 3? Sounds like clutching at straws to us.

The game will hit retail shelves on April 21, 2011 for PS3, 360, Mac and PC. See the full list of achievements through the below link.

[ SOURCE: Xbox 360 Achievements ]