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Milo & Kate: Seven-minute video shows new gameplay

Aspects of Microsoft's ambitious Kinect project revealed

Rumours last year suggested that Microsoft's ambitious Kinect project, Milo and Kate, had been slammed in the can. But a new video featuring drama director John Dower, who worked on the project has surfaced.

It's seven minutes long and reveals a fair few new scenes and features that were not previously showcased, along with an insightful overview from Dower.


New stuff includes Milo being scared by a deer, playing basketball with the player, finding a paintball gun and challenging the player, exploring a forest and throwing a hissy fit.

Rumour reports last year quoting "sources close to the project" claimed the project was cancelled by MS. Shortly after, MS sheepishly claimed Lionhead's project "was never really a product" and "was never announced as a game", which seemed to support reports that it wasn't coming, although its cancellation has never been officially confirmed.

"Emotion Capture" - Directing Milo from John Dower on Vimeo.