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Catherine hitting US in July, says GameStop

Leaky retailer posting rumours localisation for Atlus hit

It looks like Atlus' bizarre thriller, action puzzle game, Catherine, could be localised for the West after all.


Despite Atlus having said there's "no plans" for a US release, American retailer GameStop listed the game for a July 26 arrival to be published by none other than Atlus USA. The page has since been yanked but at the time of writing was still cached in Google.

Atlus was quoted just days ago saying that it had no plan to release the adult-oriented psychological thriller in North America, which seemed odd to us considering it was developed not just for the PS3 but the 360 too - a platform that has a minuscule user base in the region.

The game's gone down a storm in Japan, topping charts ahead of major releases such as Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom 3, and earning itself quite a cult following among Western gamers in the process.

If the GameStop post is true - and they have been on numerous occasions in the past - Catherine could bound for a western release for the summer (and someone at Atlus wasn't included in the group email).

Fingers crossed, then.

[ SOURCE: BeefJack ]