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Portal 2 screens delight

Take a look at the darker side of Aperture

Valve has released 13 new screenshots for its upcoming mind-bending first-person puzzler Portal 2.

The GDC screens show off a number of different areas of the Aperture Science facility.

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As well as the usual sterile looking testing areas the screens also feature a number of dilapidated rooms, large scary looking machines that have fallen into a state of disrepair and a few other odd looking rooms.

Valve has said that the creation of zombie FPS Left 4 Dead has heavily influenced the making of Portal 2.

Although Portal 2 is scheduled for a European release on April 22, studio founder and all around super-genus Gabe Newell has said it is "pretty much" ready for release already.

Valve's also announced at GDC 2011 that it's to bring TV support to Steam via "big picture" mode.

[ SOURCE: JustPushStart ]